2016: Trends in Android App Development as Foreseen By Android Specialists

Smartphones are everywhere, in the hands of almost everyone. Android rules the smartphone operating system market, and there is a literal deluge of apps for this environment. Technology drives apps as much as does user’s opinions and reviews. Android app development trends for 2016 as foreseen by specialists would focus on several key areas.

Focus is on user experience
Competition is fierce, and a user’s experience makes a lot of difference to app downloads and use. Developers are likely to focus more on delivering the best possible user experience in the coming months. Clean, simple interface, some features, ease of use dictate whether a user keeps using the app or uninstalls it. Best user experience translates to a user continuing to use the app.

Free apps will reign supreme
Who wants to pay when the same thing is available for free? This thinking will dictate the way developers develop and make available apps for free download. There are other ways to monetize their skill that they know such as in-app advertising. Over 90% of apps, even full feature ones, are likely to be free.

Security has always been a concern, especially considering the mobile devices are vulnerable to theft of information. Google’s next OS upgrade, Marshmallow will feature better security and app developers will move away from collecting user information or prying into phones to guaranteeing more confidentiality and security.

More businesses will have more purpose-specific apps deployed
It has become an unavoidable trend and businesses have no choice but to deploy apps with functions that fulfill specific purposes. Taxi booking, shopping, and hotel reservation apps are showing the way.

In-app ads to rise in 2016-01-03
There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want a free app, you will get it. However, most apps will have ads riding on them as businesses find this a better avenue with a broader reach. Savvy developers might just be able to balance more and higher number of ads with revenue generation and user experience.

Location Support
One of the chief uses of the smartphones is to surf the internet to find local shops, restaurants, products, and services. Users expect to find service providers close to where they are located. Businesses and app developers will rise to the occasion to deliver location-based apps.

Rapid development
Given the complexity of mobile hardware, screen size, resolution and operating systems, development of an app that works seamlessly are a time-consuming task. 2016 should see a rise in rapid app development services since businesses want a quick to market app to stay ahead of the competition.

Enterprise apps will increase
Enterprises usually route customer feedback and service options through their desktop web version but this year more will switch to delivering application specific apps for customer interaction, for staff interaction, and for vendor interaction.

Mobile app developers are going to be busy in 2016 but will need to hone fine their skills and knowledge to fulfill emerging expectations technology wise as well as from the usability features.

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