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5 Reasons to Automate Your Onboarding Process

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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Hiring new employees is a tiring task. However, the real deal is onboarding and getting new hires acquainted with their work. If the onboarding process is not planned properly, it can lead to a lot of complications and can make the entire process messy.
On-boarding programs are aimed at getting new employees acquainted with the goals and vision of a company and support recent hires as they start on early projects. The goal of onboarding is to move new hires quickly up the learning curve so that they may become productive quickly.
An instant on-boarding process is more rewarding for employees as well as for the company. An automated program can help reduce the initial recruitment costs and also helps in improving employee retention and productivity in the long run. Employees get a clear view of the company’s processes and what’s expected of them, they are better motivated to perform.

So here are some strong reasons on why you should give a thought to automate your HR processes:

  1. Easy Tracking
    With a holistic view of all information in a single location, the HR staff can track the entire employee onboarding process and monitor tasks across functions. With the help of automation, increased visibility and centralised information management at one place, tracking becomes easy, leading to more efficient onboarding and improvement in the service that the HR provides to new employees.
  2. Quick & Error Free Onboarding
    The onboarding process involves quite a lot of paperwork, and there’s a need to capture employee documents such as proof of residency, ID cards, social security numbers and more. Entering such a large amount of data manually often becomes cumbersome for the HR department and is often prone to errors. Automated onboarding involves no such hassles. Electronic documentation and hardcopy scans prevent errors and can be accessed as desired for future reference.
  3. Clear Communication Channel
    Through automated onboarding, your new hires and staff receive notifications automatically whenever tasks are assigned and reminders if anything is overdue. This enhances communication across the business and helps in achieving more transparency. Employees are better informed about their duties and events in the company.
  4. More Visibility into the Onboarding Process
    Multiple parties can track and monitor tasks across departments, and see how far along are the new hires in the onboarding process. Anyone who has access can instantly access employee information and related documents. You even have the flexibility to route new hire information for reviews and approvals of staff members which can help you achieve lower internal costs during the onboarding process. Employees are much more satisfied because of the increased speed, accuracy, and access.
  5. Steady Flow of Information
    It reduces dependence on documents and ensures a constant flow of appropriate information to new hires. The flow of too much information too soon can be overwhelming and lead to time loss for employees when they expend valuable time on reading materials that will not be relevant for several months to come.
    Some of the best Onboarding software that you can use are:
    HR Onboard
    Process Street
    IBM Kenexa
    ERG Onboard
    Bird Dog HR

So, we hope you get the point. By automating your onboarding process, you make the after hiring process easier for you as well as for the new employees. With so many affordable options available, you have no reason not to automate your onboarding process!

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