5 Reasons why your Not-for-profit needs a mobile app

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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Mobile apps are the most powerful and convenient form of engagement that a Not-for-profit can adopt to stay connected socially. A key to creating successful Not-for-profit marketing campaigns is targeting the spot where people are most active or attentive. Mobile App take you one step ahead in managing your not-for-profit. Australian organisations face many obstacles including geographic distances, lack of infrastructure and a constantly shifting technology landscape. While mobile app do not solve these issues, there are ways it can help not for profit organisations to better connect with donors, increase their reach and support their mission. Listed below are five reasons for adopting mobile app in your not for profit.

1) Event Updates:

If your not-for-profit organization, updates regular events on its mobile app, you can help your supporters simultaneously participate more easily by providing details of venue directions, parking, accommodations and other activities.

2) Connected:

A mobile app allows for maximum engagement from a user and makes sure that contributors feel valued. Investing time in keeping socially connected is essential to a not for profit organization’s success. A good mobile app can make this acknowledgement and recognition not only immersive but immediate.

3) Flexibility:

With your mobile app you can manage a fundraiser, send newsletters, manage your social media, create a list of important resources, and more. Mobile app can be developed cost-effectively once and can be put to work just like a native app across all platforms.

4) Increased Focus:

Mobile app can help you to streamline your Not for profit organization’s daily tasks, communications, fundraising, and outreach with one simple app that you can also build yourself. One tap based app for following or supporting any event or campaign can save you enough time for other work.

5) Ease of Use:

Touchscreen with navigation gestures, GPS and vibration notification can only be experienced on a mobile app of your website. With mobile apps one does not have to be worried about waiting in lines, memorizing codes, writing cheques or endorsing pledge cards. Everything is one tap away.

We know how hard you work. You’ve got a million things on your plate, and not nearly enough hours in the day to complete them. Understanding mobile technology is a must for not-for-profits. Whether it is for gaining online following or involving investors, accessing high-speed connections or finding innovative ways to support your community, mobile does matter.


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