5 Ways your Not-for-Profit can get more from LinkedIn

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan


The key to justify any social platform for your benefit is to strategise and plan what you exactly want out of that platform. For your Not-For-Profit organisation, the primary target of using a social platform like LinkedIn revolves around attracting maximum followers, investors and prospective donors.

1) Create a landing page:

The very first thing that you shall do on LinkedIn is to create an organization page where you can educate visitors on your mission, provide updates and announcements on your work and promote volunteer and employment opportunities. Though there exists no specific structure for this but you can post exciting updates about your not-for-profit on this page to make it enticing enough for visitors to view your website.

2) Share content:

LinkedIn is a professional networking site with around 300 million members. Utilizing this wide reaching platform for building on an exhaustive list of followers for your not-for profit is a chance not worth missing out on. LinkedIn is all about making those important professional connections. This is what makes building up your not-for-profit organization’s community.

3) Encourage brand endorsing:

LinkedIn offers users the option to promote volunteer experience & causes they support. Since you are already connected to your supporters on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, adding them on LinkedIn does not take time. Interconnecting your supporters this way makes them further interested to promote their involvement with your Not-For-Profit on their profile for others to see.

4) LinkedIn answers:

This is another wonderful research tool and means to find new connections. By subscribing to the RSS feed of a certain category of questions, you can stay up to date on the latest industry discussions, and also answer questions yourself. Doing this enhances your professional credibility. Also, questions reach the entire LinkedIn community, not just your personal connections.

5) Socially active:

LinkedIn is a good place to trade your not for profit organization’s story. Joining a number of groups as well as creating one of your own extends your views to numerous discussions and advice. Contributing to a group consistently and spurring further conversation can earn you the title of “top influences” within that group marking you and your as an authority on the topic.

Using this particular platform to expand your fan and follower base is not everyone’s first thought as mostly people look out for jobs on this site. Your innovativeness of using the recent features like social entrepreneurship, LinkedIn maps, communities etc can take your not for profit organization’s popularity to the next level. These ways are just an initial start for you to get more out of LinkedIn.

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