6 tips to get more traffic on your Not-For-Profit Website

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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Before we even start talking about getting people to your Not-for-Profit website, we need to start from the very beginning as to why would anyone want to come to your site at all? Listed below are six tips to help you raise your Not-for-Profit website’s visibility with search engines so that people will visit your site more.

1) What to write:

Content plays a vital role with what people expect from your Not-for-Profit website. Since it is not just about the words, one must remember that all prospective supporters and donors get attracted to your cause, by the way, you choose to display your website’s content. So working on a content that makes viewers believe your cause, read further and stay longer on your website is important.

2) Answer all queries:

Your website audience should not be left to think what is the reason or purpose of your Not-for-Profit. Clearly mentioning; Who are you? Why is your organization necessary? How can people help? Etc helps you to keep only interested and relevant viewers thereby eliminating the remaining junk traffic.

3) Use likely searched terms:

Your content might be having everything it takes to keep your website traffic flowing. But, all the efforts might just go down the drain if the content is not supported by targeted keywords and meta tags that are search engine optimized. Ensuring that your website page has a good SEO rating can attract the required traffic for your Not-for-Profit.

4) Mobile Friendly:

According to recent studies, the number of clicks sitting on a desktop as compared to the number of clicks via other mobile devices is very limited. Making your Not-for-Profit website adaptable to mobile devices is one way to increase your website traffic.

5) Regular Updates:

The last thing you would want your visitors to think is that your website content is outdated! Posting regularly with topics that are the latest in your Not-for-Profit sector will keep your website traffic increasing with time.

6) Follow Google Analytics:

Setting up this freely available tool is not a big task, and once understood well, it can help you keep a track of the way people find and use your website. Thereby allowing you to modify the existing strategies for your Not-for-Profit website.

Lastly, many other Google tools provide advertising programs and let you display paid advertisements amongst search results.

Here we have reviewed just a few ways to get users to visit your website, but increasing traffic is just the first step. The real goal of increasing traffic is to increase the number of people who know about your organization, your organization’s mission, and how they can get involved. We hope these tips help you in certain ways towards increasing your website traffic.


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