6 ways to integrate Social Media into your Not-for-Profit website

Social media is one of the most critical forms of online communication in today’s fast-paced digital generation. Syncing social media experience with your Not-for-Profit website can help you drive stakeholders, supporters, followers, and donors. If you are wondering how your peers are using social media, look no further.

So, here are the six ways to successfully communicate online by integrating social media on your nonprofit website:

Add videos and slideshows to content pages:

Embedding multimedia content like youtube’s nonprofit program along with text content makes it easy for your site visitors to associate with your cause and support accordingly. Using tools like SlideRocket can help you display desired presentations of your campaign as they also provide discounts to Not-for-Profits through techsoup.org.

Thanks for Action note:

Every visitor likes to get left with a pleasant note of gratitude for their engagement and support. So attaching a thank you note along with “contact us” goes a long way. Doing this helps in maintaining client relations for future repeated visits.

SEO power of blogging:

Integrating latest blogs on your homepage goes a long way to uplift your daily site visits and thereby optimize your web page. Also, promoting these blog posts on social media can succeed your campaign motives in many ways.

Organizing social CRM tools:

A way to monitor and participate in social conversations is through the integration of instruments like sprout social and nimble. Managing email contacts and social profiles help you fulfill the needs of your website at discounted rates.

Generate plugins/ links:

Pinterest and google+ allow group following and sharing for your organization’s causes. Helping you build investors, donors, and supporters, etc. Also generating inbuilt links for the causes and campaigns in your homepage can increase your number of visitors.

Use social based comment system:

Social based comment systems like livefyre and disqus have a rating system in place that will bring the most liked or engaged with the comment to the top of the discussion. These tools help in providing an intense authenticity and reliability to your Not-for-Profit organization and can quickly scale these conversations for inclusion on Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites.

Your Not-for-Profit has a lot of opportunities for social media integration. We hope adopting few of these strategies would do wonders for your web page.

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