6 ways to share results with your not for profit stakeholders

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To run your not-for-profit organization successfully, the most important element is transparency. Supporters and investors want to know the extent of the authenticity  of your not for profit before they invest their time and money for your cause. And thus arrives the necessity of sharing the results of your foundation also with them. Listed below are six ways to share the extent of your not for profit organization’s progress.

1) Share live examples:

Displaying stories of people whom your not for profit has helped can help you gain more supporters. By adding photographs and videos to your website can bring about a great impact on your online presence and to some extent provide authenticity to your foundation.

2) Infographics:

Infographics form a powerhouse of information for your supporters since it can convey relevant information through easily digestible pieces of information. Including information such as the total number of donors, total number of volunteers, total dollars raised, a breakout of how dollars were spent, as well as more specific areas that dollars were allocated are an excellent way to enhance your foundation’s transparency.

3) Thank You, Note:

Handwritten thank you notes are the best when it comes to being grateful for the kind action taken by your, not for profit organization’s supporter. Not only doing this makes you appear special to the concerned follower but takes you a long way towards maintaining a personal bond as well.

4) Landing page update:

Add a measurement graphic on your website that reports back in real-time the progress that a campaign has been making. It helps your viewers get a clear picture of the extent of help that their contribution has provided to your not for profit.

5) Report sharing:

The most obvious and honest way of informing your not for profit stakeholders about your progress is by sharing your annual report with them. The summary of your financial status along with legal requirements makes it a reliable part of your supporters knowledge.

6) Before and after statistics:

Sharing reports, statistics and case studies to show the difference that your not for profit has brought about is another great way of encouraging more followership. After all before and after evidence helps your supporters to reaffirm their faith in your good cause continuously.

Lastly, posting the results of your not for profit on your website as well as advertising them in a local newspaper is another fairly inexpensive, comprehensive, way to inform your stakeholders, and maybe even reach potential future followers in the process who read about your organization’s work. If you wish to maintain your organization’s integrity, receive repeat supports, and draw new investors, adopting few of these ways of sharing your organization’s results can do a lot for you.


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