6 web design mistakes that you should leave behind in 2016 to avoid high bounce rate

Your website is your online presence. How well it is designed and engages visitors has a bearing on search engine rankings as well as responses. Most of the time clients want website development services to come up with “impressive” websites. To satisfy clients staff at the website development company might deliver a website that is full of graphics or a flash landing page or other elements that, instead of motivating visitors to explore the site further, only serve to drive them away no sooner they view your home page. When visitors leave instead of exploring the site further, it is considered as “bounce”.  Your web developer may not care about bounce rates but you should because it lowers rankings and your website serves no purpose.

Before you assign the task of web design and development to any agency, keep in mind the pitfalls that lead to high bounce rates. Avoid these.

  • Highly contrasting themes with glaring colors that clash: People have an innate sense of aesthetics and if your site violates this essential rule you can expect visitors to leave. It is just like meeting a business representative. If he is not well dressed, he receives the cold shoulder.
  • Fonts: What does not look well on web pages is cursive fonts or similar highly stylized fonts. It is no accident that most websites rely on normal fonts like Times New Roman or sans-serif fonts that make for legibility. The size of the font is another consideration. Do not make the font size too large or too small. It is worth keeping in mind that visitors to your site may be using a variety of devices ranging from a 5-inch smartphone to a 19-inch monitor desktop. As your website development, agency to design a responsive website.
  • Flash home page: At one time it was all the rage to have a website with a flash home page. This is passe especially when you consider that many smartphones and smartphone OS do not support flash.
  • Clutter: If you try to pack too many elements on the home page it will look so cluttered that visitors will have a hard time making a choice as to which link to click. They will most probably click to exit. If visitors leave after viewing only one page, it is known as bounce. More than 50% bounce rate indicates poor site design and a consequent reduction in rank by Google and other search engines.
  • Images and multimedia: Restrict images and multimedia elements, especially on the home page. Resize images to a maximum of 100dpi resolution and keep the size small. Too many images and larger file sizes will delay page load and will act as an incentive to visitors to leave. A couple of images, a few links at top or side and short text is the ideal mix.
  • Hosting:  If your website takes too long to load people will leave. The hosting service is just as important as the file size. Expert website development services will optimize your page for fast loads and will host the site with a reliable hosting service.

Knowing these will help you interact better with the website developer and also make his task easy and result in a website that works to further your business.

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