8 Do’s & Don’ts for a Not-for-Profit Website

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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With every online option that people have, it’s easy for a Not-for-Profit to believe that websites aren’t important anymore. We did some research and came up with eight essential dos and don’ts  that you should not miss out for your Not-for-Profit website.

1) Scannability:

Studies have shown that readers scan text first to see if the article is relevant to them. To make your Not-for-Profit web page useful, you should allow your content to be scannable by using headings and subheadings, bullet pointers, etc. Expanding on your content with eye-grabbing elements like bold letters and captioned images can also be helpful. Thus,

Do: Use separate headings and highlights

Don’t: Use big paragraphs with boring and lengthy explanation

2) Never clutter:

Displaying too many useless widgets on your Not-for-Profit homepage ends up making the actual information look less relevant. Avoiding any visual clutter will help your viewers understand your content better. Thus,

Do: Keep a clean and precise homepage

Don’t: Use cluster of widgets

3) To the point:

The introductory lines are not the place for long-winded dramatic anecdotes leading up to the exact purpose of your story. Get straight to the point before the viewer leaves your Not-for-Profit web page. Thus,

Do: Crisp and short sum up of your cause

Don’t: Dramatize and overcrowd your actual information

4) Invite to take action:

If the purpose of your Not-for-Profit web page is to achieve followers, supporters, and donors, you should not let your viewers be in a position to wonder what to do next! Always make it flashy and clear to your viewers the action they are expected to take. Thus,

Do: Clear centralized call to action button

Don’t: Leave your viewers to wonder what has to be done

5) Media friendly:

Have a downloadable media kit that includes everything your print media kit does. When your new Not-for-Profit website get republished on social sites and other forums, the reach of your content expands accordingly. Thus,

Do: Use plugin options for social media integration

Don’t: Assume that web scanners are always looking out for your page only

6) Never use big blocks of text:

People out in the web world are not always looking out for your website only. Making certain changes to your website to make it SEO friendly can enhance your website’s visibility. Thus,

Do: Use SEO friendly, limited but repetitive keywords

Don’t: Use excess keywords or in other terms “keyword stuffing”

7) Keep it simple:

Using too much of fancy vocabulary and long sentences, in general, take away any reader’s concentration level. Let alone people who would want to associate willingly with your cause when your content display is beyond their understanding. Thus,

Do: Interesting topics for discussion

Don’t: Confuse your readers

8) Never use highly creative headline:

The creativity of riddles, Puns and quotes make it difficult for Google to search out your article for a referral. Instead crafting irresistible and compelling to read headlines can get you a real following. Thus,

Do: Keep your articles irresistible

Don’t: Show all vocabulary skills on your website

Lastly, behind all of these pointers the following bottom line is that any Not-for-Profit that wants to make a professional impression or raise funds and followers, need a site that will inspire confidence and create interest. We hope these Dos and Don’ts help as brief reminders.


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