A definite guide for SMEs to use Social Media Intelligence

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Intelligence is something we look at data, analyse it and use it for our benefits. Same ways, Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) refer to collecting data from various social media platforms, which can be from open or closed social networks. This information can be intrusive or nonintrusive and a guiding factor in a company’s future decisions.

The question that arises here is how we can gather information. The answer is simple; there are numerous applications and tools available in the market to monitor and report social media information. Social media produces a lot of data every passing second that it becomes difficult to monitor all the information at once. To save us from this hassle, APIs (Application Protocol Interface) are present on the web which automatically process the information and present us with our social media analytics.

Social media is not just a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website but also a lead generating weapon for your company if used intelligently. It has changed the way we do business today. Let’s take a look at how can SOCMINT benefit SMEs:

  • Your R&D department can analyse the trending needs of customers and what future products
    could be made from the present analysis.
  • Marketing Department can measure the impact of your campaigns on the customers and can
    know what your rivals are working upon.
  • Sales department can get to know the requirements of your customers and impart knowledge
    how your products can fulfil their requirements.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have their significance. Facebook is great to build and maintain brand loyalty while Twitter can be used to create a brand image, get customer feedback and to market your company. Image-based platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can be used to interact with the audience visually.

Let us have a look how SMEs can use Social Media Intelligence:

Demographics and Location:

It is crucial to know your audience. Facebook Insights give you the power to locate your audience, their gender and age, and time at which most of your audience is active. Locating your audience helps you expand your business in a particular region. You can also track on which URL a customer clicked and APIs can help you know which social media platform is driving traffic to your website. Analysing these reports help you understand which platform works in favour of your business so that you can plan campaigns and target your audience.

Get to know what Customers feel:

Social media being a channel of interaction enables you to know what your customers feel. Feedbacks, comments, likes and shares let you know how your products and services are performing, what improvements are required and what modifications could be done to a particular product or service.

Advantage over Rivals:

Competitors in the market are a big source of motivation for any SME. Keeping an eye on what your rivals are doing can drive your business towards success. Suppose you are a bookkeeper in your area, you can search for other people providing the same services like yours and check how they are promoting or marketing themselves. This will help you in altering your services to stay ahead in the competition. Say, you can offer discounts or free services to keep your existing clients to yourself as well as attract new customers.

Social Media is not just limited to marketing the business. Analytics and reports help you analyse how your brand is performing on social media platforms, what improvements are required, what new technology is trending, and so on. Once you have understood what SOCMINT can do for your business, you can check out Social Media Automation and Optimisation.

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