Accounting & Bookkeeping Special: Building a compelling website for your Clients

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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There are numerous blogs available online guiding you to create an influential website. Generic in nature, these blogs miss out on crucial information on accounting and bookkeeping. We all agree that a robust website is all that a company need to connect to their clients. But the question is, if you have a website for your accounting firm, is it making you stand out of the crowd? Let’s take a quick read of few things that you can integrate into your website to keep your clients hooked-up.

About Us

A person is known by his name; a company is known by its brand. About Us page is very essential. You must have noticed in a lot of websites that companies put to-the-point content about themselves in this section. It is recommended that you describe your company in detail. Tell all about yourself, your history, how you were formed, brag about your achievements, show off your important clients and much more. Your about us section should be fascinating. Play with the human psychology, make your client feel good after reading your About Us page. You can have a look at our About Us page for reference.


Services page is all about the work you do. You need to specify what kind of services you are providing. Clearly state what type of services you provide or what all you have to offer to a customer. Specify if you provide tax return services or financial services, property services or investment services. Highlighting your accounting services is critically important. Also, you can talk about what makes you different from other accounting and bookkeeping firms. The content used to describe your services should be easy to understand and informative. You can check out some websites here and here.


Putting up your certifications on the website is another important factor. Are you CPA, XERO or MYOB certified? Yes. Then put it on your website. Doing this not only shows you are a quality service provider but also helps in winning the trust of the visitors. Adding logos of such bodies increases the credibility of your firm.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Including testimonials and case studies to your website helps in taking the credibility of your firm to the next level. When a visitor reads your testimonials and case studies, he comes closer to contacting you. Testimonials and case studies take your interaction with your visitor a step further at the personal level.

Blog and Social Media

Writing blog regularly is a way of staying in touch with your customers. Blogs impart information and keep the reader updated. Social Media is another way to remain in touch with your clients. It’s a powerful tool these days which gives you a benefit of staying in touch with your client and creating a brand image. Both blogging and social media are a free way to market your firm effectively.

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Apart from these, you can put additional tools for your visitors. You can integrate a calculator in your website where a visitor can calculate his salaries or tax refunds quickly, compare loans, check various rates, etc. Sending out Newsletters via emails is still one of the most efficient ways to keep your customers engaged. Interesting content and visuals are what makes the customer curious to know more about you. But make sure you don’t spam the customers with unnecessary emails. One mail a week is enough.

Following these strategies will help you grow your accounting business. Keeping your website up to date as your firm grows is the key to firmly stand in the market.

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