Angel Next Door website helps neighbours help each other #AngelNextDoor

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These are challenging times.. I am scared.. and so is everyone else…

I am scared for myself and my community.. people struggling with food, medicine, jobs, business, depression and so on…

We are eager to help others in a crisis but, right now, with the community locking down against coronavirus it’s hard to know just who needs help – or where to turn when they do.

I want to help.. we all want to help…

I wish I was a health care worker.. and I could have been on the frontline saving my people…

but I am just an app developer…

So I did.. what I could do best…

I partnered with like-minded entrepreneurs & community leaders to develop Angel Next Door )

..a community help platform that allows people to seek help and offer help to their neighbours in a confidential, private and secure setting.

I know you care for the community and would be willing to help those in need…

that is why I am inviting you all to register as an Angel at

As an Angel, you will get email alerts whenever someone in your neighbourhood needs help- you can choose to offer help if it suits.

You can also seek help from other angels when you need it 🙂

The idea is simple…

If you need groceries or medicines, maybe some advice or help around the house or business – but can’t get out for whatever reason – just sign up to Angel Next Door and a neighbour will help out.

You might need a meal, the dog taken for a walk, some basic gardening, maybe the bins put out – whatever it is, Angel Next Door is there to help.

So register today – either as a helper, or someone who needs help.

And please, don’t be shy. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Go to AngelNextDoor here –

Also, please share this with your neighbours and loved one- so that they have a support system when they need it.

Stay safe and feel free to call me if I can be of any help.


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