Basics of App Store Optimisation

Understanding The Basics Of App Store Optimisation [Infographic]

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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A majority of Apps, around 63% are discovered through general browsing in respective App Stores itself. You have spent cost and effort to create an App, yet not achieved the desired number of downloads. This may be because your App isn’t even visible to the App Store visitors. How can you get your App discovered by your potential App Store visitors? The answer is simple i.e., App Store Optimisation.

Not yet sure whether optimising your application for App Store will bring you downloads? Whenever you open an App Store, what you notice is a bunch of mobile applications for downloading. Now check the number of downloads achieved by the applications on the top of the chart in the App Store. Surely, the figure must be in millions or may be more than 100 millions in many cases. Remember, no one is going to scroll down that far to download your App.

Optimising your App for the App Store is all about creativity. You need to pay a close attention to the detail of how the users discover your Application. Keywords are a major source of how people find your App and also how they find similar Apps. Keywords alone won’t promote downloads. Your description, screenshots, and videos should all be a top notch to get your App downloaded by maximum users. ASO is an ongoing job and you need to keep track of what’s working and what isn’t. Here is an Infographic that will help you to understand the basics of App Store Optimisation:

App store optimisation infographicAre you looking to build a Mobile App for your Business? Enterprise Monkey helps you convert your app idea into a smarter mobile app for your business. 

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