Cool facts about IoT - infographic

10 Cool Facts About Internet Of Things [Infographic]

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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The Internet of Things is being touted as the next big revolution after the Industrial Revolution. The IoT we presume will be the next big thing in the way we use the internet technology to simplify day-to-day and business tasks.

IoT will completely change the way we interact with real world objects.

You will benefit from the IoT technology as a Consumer and as a Business and as a Government. It is technology that has the potential to transform the way in which an entire institution functions or even a city for that matter.

The IoT helps us to connect with machines, communicate with them and run them in a smarter way. The key method of communicating with a machine is with the help of sensors. Sensor technology makes human to machine and machine to machine communication, not just possible, but a simplified task.

You can get connected to an object with the help of a cloud-based application which can be used to connect to the sensor that is associated with the said object. You can also gather data from the object(sensor) in real time and analyse it to take quick business decisions.

With the help of this process, we can see the evolution of cars to smarter cars, machines to smarter machines and cities to smarter cities, where there is a lot more understanding of the real-life situation in the working of all of these.

Thus, the IoT is the next big disruptive technology that businesses, government and people are going to use, for saving time, money and resources all in one go. Not just that, the technology will call for a fundamental shift in the way we see all kinds of processes and operations everywhere.

Does it not sound exciting to you? Here is an Infographic that talks about some of the cool facts you need to know about this technology:

cool facts about IoT infographicAre you looking to build a smarter business with the help of the IoT technology? Are you looking to develop a smarter mobile application that is future ready? At Enterprise Monkey, we can help your business leap into the future and stay way ahead of the competition. Talk to our experts today and know how we can help you.

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