Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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There is no denial that e-mail marketing is the finest marketing tool for small businesses. But, to utilize this tool for the best practices of marketing we must follow some guidelines

Following are some Do’s and Don’ts of email marketing which can help you in executing better e-mail campaigns.

Do’s for E-mail Marketing

  • Personalised Emails-The e-mail must be personalised and should be compatible with mobile devices as most of the users today access their emails through smartphones.
  • Segment the Email Database- The subscribers for the emails must be segmented before sending the emails as segmentation helps in targeting the customers based on their liking and needs. Also segmented emails have a better click through rates as the customers receive what they are interested in.
  • Give Subscribers Freedom to Choose- The subscribers must be given freedom to choose from the list of contents, which will be coming to their inbox. They must also be given scope to choose for the subscription such as daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions.
  • Use of Dedicated Email Id- Dedicated email id must be used which can enable the customers to reply and contact back. The automated emails must be avoided.
  • Show the Brand Voice: The email must be dominated by the brand voice, as to why your brand is superior as compared to the competitors. The unique features identifying your brand should be manifested.
  • Attractive Email Subject- An eye-catching subject for the email must be cited as it is the first thing customer notices in the email. Attractive subject will make the customer curious to go through the whole content of the email.
  • Focus on Single Topic- The email must address only one topic at a time.
  • Give the Email Distinctive Look: Catchy taglines or images must be included in the mail. This will draw the attention of the customers and also help them remember the campaign in a unique way.


Don’ts for Email Marketing

  • Do Not Spam- Never spam the customers. If people notice spams they will immediately unsubscribe to the emails and will opt out of the campaign. If emails are reported spam, too many reports can lead to the blacklisting of the campaign.
  • Don’t Send Erroneous Email- Precedence must not be given only to the content and the grammar but also to the links which are included in the email. First impression is last and hence, the email must be perfect and free of errors.
  • Avoid Lengthy Forms- Emails which ask customers to subscribe must not have endless and lengthy forms. This may irritate the customers and make them opt out of the subscription.
  • Don’t Include Too Much Graphics- The use of graphics and the images must be limited. Adding lot of content in the email will make it bulky and the mail will take a lot more time to open.
  • Never Send E-mail with Unsubscribe Link- The email which is sent to the potential customers must not have a global unsubscribe button.
  • Don’t Forget to Keep Track- The emails which are sent must be kept track of. This will help to know the customers better and also help in the segmentation.

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