Why Email Marketing is Small Business’s Best Friend ?

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More than 2 million small and medium organizations are actively trading in the Australian market. However, with sparse resources in hand, small businesses struggle with expanding and gaining popularity. Lack of sufficient funds also constrains the organizations from allocating huge budgets for marketing. But, small organizations come with a benefit of having focused teams which work together in coordinating, planning and strategizing.

With the domination of social media, marketing has become easier as the way to reach people has dramatically changed.Various marketing techniques such as the advertisement on the social media sites like Facebook is the new favourite for the small organizations. With the very limited amount of money given away from their pockets, the small entrepreneurs are happy to market on the social media websites.

But, the main catch here is the number of followers on the social media webpage which makes it strong. It is a huge task for the organizations to gain popularity on the social media websites with the presence of competitors and paid advertisements which demand a huge amount of money.

Along with the social media advertising, the organizations are diverting their path to the fresh technology in marketing i.e. E-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is the best, easiest and direct way to reach the customers. The businesses do not even have to shell out a large amount of money as all they need is the e-mail addresses of the targeted customers. Through e-mails, they can easily reach out to the customers with exciting offers.

“Every Coin has two sides” and so does the concept of email marketing. With the advantage of directly reaching the customers, the primary hindrance here is email policies adopted, which control these emails from entering the inbox of the customers directly. With filtering techniques deployed, the promotional and marketing emails are filtered out and categorized as “Spam” and, the emails from these folders are generally ignored by the customers.

Nevertheless, developments in technology have brought in miracles and the tools like Vision6 which have the capability to deliver the emails directly to the inbox of the customers with the spam compliance, have thus improved the deliverability. It also helps in connecting the users on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter through email.

Thus with a helping hand for the small organizations to overcome their financial and resource shortcomings, and availability of these tools at affordable prices to small businesses, the concept of Email marketing is indeed a boon to the small businesses.


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