Exciting New WordPress Development Trends for 2016

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WordPress (and for that matter, other open source technologies like Joomla and Drupal) are constantly evolving. While some developments are clunky and make life a pain for website development services, there are also better trends that make life easy. WordPress, for one, has introduced some new trends that make web development a joy and result in strikingly outstanding websites. Let’s take a look at a few.

  • Moving backgrounds and interactive design: This is proving highly popular with website developers since it gives fresh new looks to websites. Some of the leading sites have taken to this trend and with good reason.
  • Responsive website design: This is nothing new since HTML5/CSS/JQuery have been in use since some time but what is welcome news for WordPress development agencies is that WordPress has introduced responsive design themes that can be applied to new and existing sites. Mobile websites are a must and WordPress made life easier for WordPress developers for the coming year.
  • SVG: SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics has been around for some time, but it has not been used as widely as it should be given its advantages. SVG graphics is vector based which means they can be zoomed into without pixelation.  WordPress has introduced SVG, which means you can use SVG graphics and logos in WordPress websites in the coming year. SVG also allows color change when you hover the cursor over the image in addition to making it bounce or flash. With this WordPress development, SVG should be more widely used hereon.
  • Infographics: Infographics are convenient and are becoming popular because people can see everything at a glance. Good news for WordPress development services is that WordPress themes now let you use and incorporate infographics.
  • Flat Design: From graphics and flash intensive websites, the circle has turned back to simplicity as being elegant and the choice of visitors. WordPress introduction of flat design gives a boost to this contemporaneous look, allowing greater emphasis on content with minimalist graphics.
  • Modular design: This extends the flat look WordPress theme a bit further by putting bits of information in separate containers in a well-defined pattern that encourages visitors to explore a site in greater detail. Instead of pages you can have modules.
  • Ghost buttons: This may not be all that great a feature, but it is, nonetheless, welcome since it gives a pleasing look. With ghost buttons in WordPress, you can define hover states without having to change colors. The button simply fades.
  • Parallax design: Questionable, but still, a bit of improvement in functionality in that WordPress pages make scrolling easier and motivate visitors to read the entire page. Works with pages that do not have too much content and reduces the number of clicks.

Storytelling with WordPress has proved a compelling introduction and these recent additions only add more attractions to WordPress developments. It will not be surprising if a large number of users switch from other open source platforms to WordPress in 2016.

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