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Google Penguin 4.0 Update – Everything You Need To Know

Google has recently confirmed the rolling out of the Penguin 4.0 update. This update is a sequel to the update rolled out in October’14 when the Penguin 3.0 was rolled out. There has been no update ever since. Google is now in the process of testing the latest updates that are being done on Penguin. Here are some of the key features of the update, to watch out for:

Real Time Update

The 4.0 version of the Google Penguin algorithm update will be real-time. It means that any ranking changes to a website as a result of the algorithm update will happen in real time. So, if you have spammy links on your site or any of its pages the traffic fall will be observed in real time rather than after a period.

Similarly, the site recovery process will also be real time. It means that if you remove the spammy links on the site, then the site will recover quickly as well.

Google will now look at site spam on a more granular level. While tracking spammy activity, it will not necessarily look at the whole site; it may look at internal pages or go more granular.

Google has now included Penguin as a part of its core algorithm. Up until now, Penguin was separate from the core updates. We can expect more real-time changes to the Penguin algorithm without public comments being made regarding the same, by Google.

Recent Fluctuations

Recently the there have been quite a few ups and down in the SERPs. Many have speculated it to be the result of the Penguin update, while others have hypothesised it as Possum. Google also suggested that there have been some regular algorithmic changes that may have caused the observed fluctuations.

How to Create Backlinks

The link creation guidelines will not change with this update. So if you are a business, you must focus on getting natural links from quality sites. It should remain your long term strategy. Besides that, you need to ensure that all the newly indexed pages are being checked for spammy links. These links must be immediately disavowed or removed completely. If you have cleaned up links some time back, make sure you clean them up again now.

Also, it is important to understand that Penguin is one part of the complete list of ranking factors. So you need to ensure that spammy links are not created and do not exist and besides that, you also need to target the other ranking factors.

What is Possum?

Some attributed the recent ranking fluctuations to Possum while this is being touted as an update related to local search results.

Now recently many businesses that were earlier facing issues with their local search rankings about a keyword of a particular city, actually say an improvement in rankings. These were those business locations that were falling just beyond the particular city.

Many other companies, on the other hand, got filtered out in the search results because of duplicity in their business names or addresses in case of multiple listings.

These fluctuations were are also a part of the recent changes in the SERPs.


The good news is the Google Penguin 4.0 will be a real time update helping you to quickly do away with spammy links and ensure your site can recover as soon as possible.

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