How SEO Can Help In Growing Your Business?

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While several online marketing techniques keep on evolving now and then, the essence of SEO remains unchallenged. Undoubtedly, it can help businesses to grow exceptionally regarding online presence, web traffic, and high-end revenues. Findings from a slew of valuable survey reports echo this very fact in large volumes.

Stats about Search Engine Optimization

The below stats from varied survey reports give an insight into the significance of SEO for businesses worldwide:

1. SEO matters

A report by Conductor entitled “Inside Enterprise SEO: SEO Survey Benchmarks for Large Companies”, found great support for SEO among the enterprises. The survey included inputs from 442 marketers. It revealed that 72% acknowledged positive role of SEO in achieving the coveted business goals of web traffic and lead generation.

2. SEO & content marketing

Content marketing delivers best results when executed with a well thought SEO plan. The fact came into reckoning with this State of Search Marketing Report 2013 researched by E-consultancy in collaboration with SEMPO. The survey included participation from 400 professionals including client-side advertisers as well as agencies. It covered the importance of SEO along with other contemporary digital marketing techniques that lead to enhanced business growth. According to the report:

  • 45% of the company expressed their willingness to integrate content marketing with their SEO strategy.
  • 24% opted for Paid search marketing
  • 16% favored mobile marketing to be associated with content marketing

3. High revenues

Moving over, SEO Industry Survey 2014 carried out by Bright Local with the support of Search Engine Land highlighted the increasing growth of businesses regarding revenues. In its poll, which included 1,759 SEO professionals, some major findings comprised as below:

  • 62% of the respondents earned over $75,000 in the previous year
  • 27% of the companies surveyed worked as Freelance SEO, and 11% as in-house SEO
  • 84% of those interviewed have at the most 5 SEOs in their organization
  • 17% believe SEO to be the most effective mode to engage new customers, which is only next to mouth publicity (28%)

These stats speak of the indispensable necessity of SEO toward ensuring business growth. Moreover, a majority of companies prefer having a team of around 5 SEO professionals, which yet again highlights the dependence of businesses on search engine optimization. No wonder, it is the most trustworthy mode to lure new customers after the company’s reputation, which spreads best through mouth publicity.

4. Best SEO marketing services

In the same Bright Local survey, the most preferred SEO/Online marketing services by customers consisted of the following:

  • On-Site SEO (16%)
  • Google+ Optimization (13%)
  • Website Development (12%)
  • Citation Building (10%)
  • Social Media Marketing (10%)

5. The future

When Bright Local survey asked about the expected chances of business growth in the SEO industry in the next year:

  • A staggering 93% showed positive response
  • 70% plans revealed plans to recruit more staff in the coming 12 months.

All these findings reflect an optimistic attitude of the SEO companies and indicate a bright future for companies finding solace with search engine optimization in the better future.

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