How to Make Your Not for Profit Communications Easier and Save Time

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As a Not for profit, you must be working rigorously to deliver unmatched services, promote a cause and improve your community. But like most of the not for profits, you’re probably doing all of this with limited staff and a tight budget. Fortunately, there are a few online communication channels which are exceptional to spread the word about your organization.

With a small staff it’s challenging for not for profits to manage their communication with internal and external stakeholders. However, by automating repetitive communication tasks you can save time, gather funds, draw attention to your cause and promote your events with greater efficiency.


Here are 5 communication processes which you can automate and develop genuine one-to-one relationships with donors and members:


Automated Email Campaign

Automated emails save a good amount of your time as they can be created prior and can be scheduled for every day, week or month. Send thank you email when you receive a donation, send a welcome email when a new associate is added, get an email letting you know when a major donor spends high amount of time on your website.

Bulk Text Messages

While running a campaign, organizing an event or managing volunteers, usage of automated text messages can be extremely beneficial. An instant text message will keep people on time and ensure that they don’t miss any of their vital responsibilities. Text messages can also be used for successfully running fundraising campaigns for your Not for profit.

Event Management & Online Ticketing

With automated Event Management system you can devote a complete page to an event so that invitees can find all the information at one place and purchase tickets or RSVP Online. All you have to do is fill the information in the given fields and your landing page will be automatically created without any coding. Moreover, you’ll be able to schedule automated text messages or email reminders to increase attendance.

Social Media Automation

Social media presence is extremely vital for grasping new supporters and engaging with existing stakeholders. However, it’s never convenient to manage social media accounts for not for profits as it requires resources in which not for profits might lack.  By automating social media post, your pages will be up to date and fresh content will be available without manual intervention every day.

Collaboration Platform

This will allow multiple users to work and contribute simultaneously on a single project and get real-time notifications of any updates irrespective of their location. The team members will always know their assignments because the system automatically routes assets and notifies users about new tasks and also provides a comprehensive overview of where the projects are in the process.

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