I own a Business and I do not want to grow it! Really?

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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Julian, One of our Business Development Executive, did a cold call to a person who lives in Melbourne and he is the owner of a Medium size business. Let’s see what happened.

Julian: Hey! May I speak to John?

John: Yeah, speaking.

Julian: Is it the right time to talk to you John

John: Go ahead.

Julian: John This is blah blah blah and we are helping SMEs in Australia to overcome the common problem faced by all of them which is the inability to grow and retain their existing clients by implementing automation, optimization and intelligence in their business processes.

John: Well, I am not interested in growing my business.(Hung up!)

Lol! Really? Have you ever seen a person who is into business and not interested in growing and increasing revenue. We asked our team of innovators if they can relate to it. And let’s see what they said.


For me, It’s like a fish with no desire for water or a contestant on the show “Who wants to be a millionaire” with no desire of getting rich. Well, if you feel the same as John, don’t mind as we are not making fun at all. This is something very serious and needs to be addressed by all SMEs out there. To understand this typical not-interested-in-growing scenario we did an analysis of our case studies and survey results of the marketing team. Finally, we came up with the reasons explaining this behavior. Let’s have a look

The people are not interested in growing their Business because of the following reasons:

1) Inability to manage the existing clients

“Many losses have gone sinking daily by our inability to recognize a great deal of power reserved for us. Watch out and make it real because soon, it’s going to be your turn to shine!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

The world is evolving exponentially and so the Business processes and management techniques. The advancement and invent of disruptive technologies has brought the human race to an era where you do not need to do every task manually. Many Business owners follows old-school management practices and relies on manual processes, which results in loss of time and money.

You can free yourself from day to day drudgery, automate your repetitive and manual tasks that consume your time and energy. It will allow you to save time for your family and other social commitments. You can focus more on strategy and planning tasks. Read more about Automation

2) Unawareness about the ‘Optimization’

Fact: More than 90% of small and medium businesses either do not grow or fail in Australia due to the deficiency in their processes rather than any other reason.

Optimization saves you from wasting your time and resources, wasting unnecessary costs, errors and delivering bad customer service.

Now, What exactly is optimization? It is a new approach to make your business operations more effective which allows your organisation to get more profitable and efficient. Initially, people used to think that this is something for large enterprises because of huge investments in it. On the contrary, Optimization is a need of every Small to Business now and we are the only company in Australia doing it and yes we are proud of it. Read more about Optimization.

3) Low level of ‘Intelligence’ in Business Processes

There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder- Ronald Reagan

Business intelligence is not something for large enterprises only. Small to Medium Businesses can also leverage their business processes and ROIs by going Intelligent.

In simpler terms, Business Intelligence is about making your business more intelligent so that you can take better business decisions and make your business more profitable. Read more about Intelligence.

4) A bitter experience of investment with almost zero Value and no Return

Many Business owners lose their trust in adding the value to their organisations by going digital due to their losses they suffered from their earlier investments. I have talked to many business owners and managers who invested a lot in Web designing and SEO by thinking that this will fill up their sales funnels. But the results contradictory to their expectations led them to disappointment and losses only. The reason behind this loss is the lack of strategy, experience and skills of the hired agency particularly in your Industry. So, whenever you hire a digital company, make sure you ask them about their past experiences in your industry and how they are going to achieve your desired goals.


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