importance of website speed - stats and facts

Importance of Website Speed – Stats and Facts [Infographic]

Suppose you visit a website that takes ages to load. As an online searcher or a site visitor, you will get extremely frustrated. A slow loading website is the last thing that a visitor expects from it.

As a business owner, you need to ensure, that once you have developed a website, the interface is consistent and user-friendly. Page load speed is one of the most important aspects of the overall experience that your user gets from the website.

Initially, when your website is designed and developed in a simple way, with fewer elements on its pages, the website speed is usually just fine. But, as your website grows while you add more pages and elements on it, its speed starts to deteriorate.

Adding product descriptions, images, videos and new pages to a website is inevitable for its growth. But, a reduction in the load speed is unacceptable.

You can easily check the load speed of your website using free tools like Pingdom and Google PageSpeed Insights. If the site speed is more than 2 seconds, then you must take corrective action.

You can get your web developer to fix the issues on your website that are pulling down its speed.

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Some of the common steps involved in reducing the load speed of the website include.

  1. Optimising the images on the website
  2. Reducing the number of redirects on the site
  3. Optimising browser caching
  4. Gzip Compression
  5. Reduce HTTP requests on the website

You can read about the complete website speed optimisation process in this post. Here is an interesting infographic that shows why improving the loads speed of your site is critical for your business:

website speed stats and facts infographic

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