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Ingenious ways to make your Marketing Automation look less Robotic

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When we use the term ‘Automation’, the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘Robotic’. It sounds unemotional, machine-like and detached. It goes same with Marketing Automation. Seems like Tony Stark asking JARVIS to perform all the operations all by himself.

But, the good news is, we’re far away from robotic apocalypse. Humans can control robots; so, automation can be controlled by YOU! Automation is not some artificial intelligence that will take care of marketing itself but just a handy tool to let you manage all your marketing activities with ease.

A marketer can send a million emails with just a click with the help of marketing automation. But a good marketer is someone who understands his audience, studies the need of his target customers and then design the content for the emails. This is where a company gets the attention of the people.

Let us look at some effective ways to be a pro at marketing with the help of automation:

Creating Lists:

Creating the list of your target customers is the primary step any marketer has to take. Buying already prepared lists is a big no-no. Create your lists, targeting specific customers. This will help you in getting qualified leads.


Take baby steps while creating campaigns. Start with a simple campaign and scale it up gradually with time. Planning campaigns for a long time and putting them into auto-pilot mode can be futile as it’s a dynamic market outside, you need to plan campaigns according to the going on trend in the market. This will give you a clear picture of which campaign is working and which is not.

Nurture Relationships:

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to maintain existing relations while creating new. Delivering high and audience-specific content at the right time will enable you to get quality leads. Doing so adds a personal touch in your marketing strategy. You should not ignore your existing clients while building new relationships. A happy customer will bring goodwill to your brand image. Also, it’s your existing clients only who will refer your services to others, increasing your revenue. Keep them happy, stay in touch with them too.

Out of the Inbox:

Emails are useful we all know. But what next? Marketing through emails is not enough. People are socializing out there; you need to connect to them through other channels. Social Media is a powerful tool to get in touch with your leads instantly and personally. This is where you can get in contact with the audience in the most personal way.

Impeccable Content:

Sending emails and sharing posts on social media is a way to connect with your audience. But what if your content is not impactful? To keep your audience hooked up, your content should be gripping, interesting and informative. A reader will not be interested in your content if it’s a plain Jane. Use graphics, good quotes, ask questions, generate curiosity and add a personal touch to your content so that the reader feels like you are directly interacting with them.

It is imperative to understand the psyche of your audience. Errantly planning your marketing using automation will undoubtedly lessen your workload but will land you nowhere. Your clients are humans, you are a human, so your strategy to reach out to your audience should have a human touch. Have something on your mind? Get in touch with us. You can also check out Email Marketing Automation.

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