Mobile Push Notifications

Interesting Facts About Mobile Push Notifications [Infographic]

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A push notification campaign is a useful way to get more revenue from your business app. You can send out engaging messages to your users and get them to be more loyal to your app. Automated push notification campaigns can be customised for different sets of users to maximise their open rate and conversions. You can use an analytics system to understand the result of your activity and modify your push messages.

With a growing number of mobile users and mobile internet users, push notifications are becoming an important source of revenue for app businesses of today. Sending out push messages improves brand loyalty and gets you a steady stream of income from your app. You can even send push notifications to update the users of a critical update or feature release in your app.
One of the key advantages of a push notification is it enables you to promote the app directly to your audience.

If you automate your push notifications, you would have better chances of them being opened while it also saves your business, time and effort. Here are some interesting push notification facts that will help you promote your business app more effectively.

mobile push notifications
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