SmartWebsite Ch01: Is your website generating sales for your business? by Aamir Qutub

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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Video Transcription:

Hi this is Aamir Qutub from Enterprise monkey and today I want to talk about a fundamental mistake that we all do with our websites. Unfortunately the people who rely on for advised are web developers, are digital agencies marketing firms. They all commit the same mistake. So we belong to a generation which has seen transition from paper based brouchers, banners to websites and social media marketing. But the problem is that, that we often see websites as an online version of people based . So when we ask a web developer to develop a website for us, they ask – what do you want in your website and then we start with – alright I need a home page for my website with beautiful images, very good slide shows, some amazing colors, I need an about us page with beautiful photograph of mine, I need some pages on my services and a contact us page which provides my contact details. It’s not your mistake. Probably the question that your digital agency is asking is wrong. It’s not about what do you want, it all starts from Why. Why do you want a Website, why do you need a website, what is the purpose of having a website for your business.

Well, we see Websites to have only two main purposes. The first is to acquire new customers, in case of not for profits itcan be acquire new supporters or stakeholders and engage existing ones. So the purpose of a website is not to replicate your brochure in an online form, the purpose of asite is not to serve as a marketing brouchure. Your website is a lead generating machine. It’s a Sales channel. And it all comes down to Revenue. So website are an excellent channel channel if they are used properly.. And they can help you increase your revenue. So my question to you is that if you have a website, how much revenue per month do you get from your website. Is your website even focusing on acquiring new customers or engaging existing ones. Well, we work with a lot of businesses and I know that eighty percent of businesses and their website do not focus on acquiring new customers using existing once. They do not create revenue. There are only 20 percent of businesses or websites who actually focus on acquiring new customers and engaging existing one, who are actually using websites to its full potential and the purpose of a website to site is not act as a banner or as a brochure or as a marketing flyer, it’s more than that. Website allows you to generate leads which can be converted into sales, which can be used to increase your revenue. So if your website is not giving you leads or is not helping you acquire new customers, existing want it means you are losing on a big revenue stream. So if you have, it doesn’t matter what business do you, have you know even if you own a cleaning business or a pet sitting business or babysitting business, or you own a big multinational manufacturing organization. Website is the sales channel for each and every organization. Its just about how you use it. So if your website is not running revenue for you and if your website website had the potential to earn $1000 per month and you invested some money two years ago, right, you have already lost 12 * 2 * $1,000 = $24,000 worth of sales, with a very simple fundamentalist that do not treat the website as a sales channels, you are treating the website as a marketing brochure.

So in my next video, I will talk about how you from this eighty percent to these 20 percent people who actually generate revenue and continuous revenue through their website. Who pay the same amount to develop their website, sometime let some amount and still get continuous revenue stream through their website. And in my next video, I’ll talk about how your websites can actually help you reach your target market. Is your website reaching your target market , really and how can you attract those people to come on your website and then engage them, keep them engaged with the content and ultimately capture their details. How you are capturing the details of the people who are visiting your website and measure that because if you can’t measure it you cannot manage it. And once you reach your target market, attract them, engage them, capture them, measure them and create or generate very validated leads, you can actually convert them into real sales. Thank you so much for now and stay tuned for more videos.

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