Know What It Is All About Before Building A Mobile App

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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Rushing into things with only limited knowledge results in a lot of rework later on. Given the indispensable nature of mobile apps, you would do well to prepare the groundwork, learn what it is all about and then only initiate the app development process. It is no secret that mobile users would much rather use a custom app than a website to fulfill their purpose. Matching service to expectation is the way to engage, convert and retain customers and your app occupies center stage in this mobile age where 86% of mobile use is accounted for by mobile apps, and 80% of customers prefer mobile apps.

A mobile app developer will deliver the type of app you want, but it is for you to do the initial groundwork and lay out a set of guidelines that will make his task easy.

Your side of the story should cover the points elaborated below.

Picking the right mobile app developer

  • Quite a few factors such as screen resolution and display, operating system, hardware configuration, user types and other parameters have to be smoothly resolved and integrated into an app for seamless display. Only competent mobile app developers can deliver.
  • Check their portfolio to get a feel of their capabilities.
  • A mobile app need not be too feature-intensive. It is for specific purposes so a developer should know how to create a smooth and easy to use interface. Experienced developers know which features to include to make an app easy to use and fast performing.


You know your business best. So do the groundwork and compile information that would cover:

  • Assessment of target audience, their geographic location, usage practices and expectations to deliver true value and increase retention;
  • Defining the chief purpose of the app;
  • Importantly, defining your goal.

Development, testing and marketing

  • It is time to engage the developer with your set of guidelines and get the app developed.
  • Once developed your app must be tested for seamless operation across all device types and operating systems.
  • Select a small test market and incorporate feedback buttons to know opinions.
  • If possible, incorporate suggestions to refine your app to better levels of usability and thus get more positive reviews;
  • Take care of bugs and deficiencies and then market app to a wider segment.
  • If you think, fit you can incorporate freebies or special offers to get users to download and use the app.
  • Leverage social media to publicize your mobile app.

Engage the right mobile app developer, preferably one located in the city where your business operates or one who offers 24×7 support over the phone/email/chat and assures upgrades as and when necessary. Just as important as the app is for your business, so is the mobile app developer, perhaps even more so. His continued, expert support will keep your mobile app floating above the others, always updated and delivering what users expect.  With an app that becomes popular with users, your business grows fast.

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