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The Local SEO Checklist For Your Website

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If you are looking to target a regional market for your business, then local search engine optimisation is a must for your business. Here are some essential tips and techniques to optimise your business website for local searches:

Location Specific Domain

Having a domain name, that reflects the location of your business can be certainly very helpful. You could use domain extensions to indicate your presence in a particular area. For example, Enterprise Monkey uses the domain extension .au to reflect the presence of its business in Australia.

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Website Content

For local SEO, it is important to mention your business address and contact number on each of the page of a website. You also need to understand your local target audience and customise the content according to their requirements. You can add local information in the content and get your target audience to stay on your website for long.

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Getting Listed On Local Business Directories

You can find quite a few online business directories in each region. You must add your company profile to these websites. Add all the relevant details about your business such as contact information and about us section to rank higher in local search results. You need to create an individual listing of reach of the locations in which your business is present.

Get Your Google My Business Listing

Getting a profile for your business on Google My Business is crucial for local SEO success. By getting your business listed on the platform, helps you to improve the way your business is shown in search results. You can also add the images of your office or shop in the listing. Also show the physical location of your store. Add your business contact number, address, hours of operation and social media links to improve upon your listing. You need to create an account on Google My Business and get started for free. You can also use the support documentation and contact number from Google My business to resolve any business issues while creating the listing.

Build Natural and Relevant Links Locally

Getting backlinks from related websites with a high domain authority in your region can be helpful for your local SEO efforts. You need to consistently promote your services pages to social channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get more traction on your website.

Organise and Participate in Local Events

It is one of the most important strategies for local SEO. You can organise your conferences and seminars and participate in those organised by others in the niche. It will help you get brand recognition in your niche which will, in turn, enhance your local search rankings.
Enterprise Monkey recently organised a sales and marketing automation event in Geelong:

Sales and marketing automation eventCreate Web Properties

You can create websites or platforms which provide information related to your local region, in your industry. It will help your target audience find useful information. You could create lists or directories with the help of such a platform to reach out to your target audience effectively.

Get Reviewed

Getting your local customers to add reviews of your products and services can be helpful as well. You can do this using a feedback emailer or using website callouts. It would help you improve your local search rankings and online reputation. Replying to reviews is also a useful way to build a relationship with your customers.

Target Local Influencers

You need to engage with local social media influencers and talk about your business. You can reach out to these influencers through @Mentions on Twitter and have useful conversations. You can also run paid campaigns on social channels targeting audiences of your local area.

Public Relations

To get coverage in local media, you need to stay in touch with journalists and editors in your region. You need to keep sending them information about your products and services. Participate in local charity events and be a part of good causes to get a quick coverage and a good reputation for your business. Here is an example:

making a play for India herald sunAre you looking to develop a business website that is search engine friendly? We help in developing a Smarterwebsite that considers your target audience and is optimised for local search. You can know more about our services and get in touch with us.
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