Marketing Automation: A powerful tool for marketing and sales

We all are familiar with what marketing automation is. You might be using automation, no matter whether you own a small business or a medium one. Marketing automation primarily automates manual, time-consuming and tedious tasks which drain out your marketing and sales executive and increase the chances of inaccuracy and duplicity. Let’s have a broader view how marketing automation can help flourishing our businesses.

  • Marketing automation is an immense time-saving approach. It allows you to schedule your social media posts well in advance, for weeks for months, till the time you desire to publish posts in the future. You can also create campaigns that are already planned and schedule them ahead of time using apps like Hootsuite. This saves you time from manually updating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. individually and lets you publish content in one go at all social media platforms. Doing so helps in maintaining consistency.
  • Email campaigns can also be scheduled for future. This enables your marketing team to schedule and send emails to the target customers at a particular time and date. Mailchimp is a great app for email marketing. This is a time as well as money saving feature of marketing automation. Instead of sending emails manually to the customers, you can categorise your customers and make lists of these categories and go ahead with your email campaign.
  • Less staff is required to manage marketing activities as automation provides you tools which can be handled by a single employee. All you need to do is provide basic training of utilizing the tools optimally.
  • Automating tasks mean reports generated are also automated. And an automatic generation of reports are high on accuracy and provide in-depth details. Automatic generation of reports saves you time as your employees don’t have to prepare reports of their respective departments manually.
  • Automatic report generation has another advantage. It lets you track the growth of your company, whether your strategy is working flawlessly or not, which segment of the market is giving you the most and the least profits, etc. You have every detail in front of your eyes in less time as compared to manual reporting. Such insights at regular intervals empower you to take measure to increase your sales by tweaking your marketing strategy from time to time with the trends in the market.
  • Marketing automation is as simple as ABC, even for those who are not tech-savvy. With applications available on the web, you don’t need to code everything but provide basic training to your staff to use the applications.
  • Nurturing your leads is no longer a burdensome task. Once automation is implemented, nurturing your leads is a cakewalk. Suppose, a visitor comes to your website and finds your content useful, he would want to sign up for your newsletters. Once he enters his details to sign up for the newsletter, he receives an instant welcome email from your side. In case he asks a question, an automated email reply can answer the query.. If you own an eCommerce website, once a user signs up you can send him an email containing a discount coupon. This ultimately increases your sales.
  • Marketing automation allows you to store all the data in one place which  helps you reach out to your existing or a potential customer easily. For example, a customer bought something from your website a month ago; you can send him an email with discount coupon or items of his interest to insist him to make a purchase again. Similarly, if a customer left your site without making any purchase and there are articles in the cart, you can offer him discounts to initiate the purchase.

Marketing automation can increase the effectiveness of lead generation and result in increased revenue. It not just saves you time and money but also reduces your workload by minimizing repetitive tasks. Interested in knowing if marketing automation can be customised for your business? Have a cup of coffee with us!

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