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Mobile App Development Trends 2016 [infographic]

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The use of mobile apps is growing by the day. Mobile apps provide a lot of convenience to mobile users. With a mobile app, they can buy products and services and make comparisons while they are on the move.

Developing an app for your business gives you an additional place to get more revenue for your business. Your company should strive to provide more and more convenience to your customers by reaching out to them on the mobile device. A mobile application helps your business grow its revenue with improved reach and engagement with customers.

It is important for your business to ensure that the data on your mobile app is secure. Security will also ensure more trustworthiness of your app among its users.

Another emerging trend for mobile application development is IOT. This revolutionary technology helps you connect with and control different objects while you are on the go.

With more and more apps being developed, user experience and rich media content have gained prominence are now becoming an important source of competitive advantage for businesses.

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