Mobile Changes The Search Engine Ranking Equation

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That Google keeps updating its various algorithms keeps SEO experts on their toes. The aim, thus far and for some time in the future, will be to align with Google’s (and other search engines’) algorithms in order to rank high in search results. The purpose? Get convertible traffic.

Mobiles have changed the equation.

At one-time internet searches on search engines using desktops or laptops was the norm. No longer. Why?

  • People use mobiles and mobile apps to find products, services, and people.
  • If you are using online strategies to get traffic, look at mobile as the way of the future. Not that traditional search engines are to be ignored because of the rise of mobiles.
  • You could leverage both avenues, especially with an emphasis on specific apps from a mobile app development company.


  • The perspective of SEO has broadened, and SEO activities need to go beyond company or products and include location, drilling down from country to region to the specific city.
  • Google’s algorithm shifts dictate that you deliver value in content whether it is websites, blogs or social media and link this with company name, the individual representing the company and the brand.

How does mobile make a difference?

  • Mobile apps have the inherent advantage in that mobile app development companies can incorporate facilities to gather information about user preferences and location as well as the timing.
  • More and more mobile users are making use of their smartphones and tablets to surf, shop and find places, all of which information can be gathered by SEO experts to focus on specific segments as also develop content aligned with what users search for.

Google indexes playstore and appstore

  • From another angle, it pays to have mobile apps launched on Appstore and Google Playstore. Getting maximum downloads and positive reviews indirectly help in the rise in rankings.
  • Google does index pages displaying your app, its description, and ratings and ranks the app accordingly. This is an effective, organic and modern way to get more traffic.
  • Brand name must figure prominently in the app as must the website of the company to which it is related.
  • Including QR link along with company brand name and website link also helps.

It goes without saying that you must have a mobile responsive website tied to the app and cross promotions.

Mobile app development company helps

  • When you have a competent mobile app development specialist by your side, you can expect not only an interesting app that users will be itching to download but also appropriate SEO techniques to popularize the app in the form of long semantic indexing keywords strategy for the app’s landing page, reduce bounce rate and engage visitors.
  • Building backlinks are part of any SEO program but in the mobile era, it pays to build backlinks to the mobile app’s landing page and your mobile website.
  • Great benefit can be derived from optimizing the actual mobile site for local searches since people do give preferences to mobiles when it comes to conducting searches for places or products while on the go.

Your app developer should be conversant with all these developments and help you.

Mobiles are here and will become more important to SEO. Tying up with expert mobile app developers today means ensuring your future visibility.

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