Native vs hybrid apps infographic

Native Vs Hybrid Apps [Infographic]

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As more internet users are switching to the mobile device, the mobile app has not just gained importance but has almost become an essential part of everyone’s daily lives.

Every user of a mobile device is looking for a simplified user experience. Most customers end up uninstalling an application that does not provide them with the desired experience and value.

This is where native app takes the lead. Most apps are successful because of a delightful user experience.

A native application easily integrates with the features of the specific platform that are iOS or Android.

Although it does help in providing a superior experience, it costs you more time and resources to develop.

If you wish to quickly develop an application and test market it on all platforms, then the hybrid option is more suitable.

The performance of a hybrid app does not match a native one while you can develop it at a much lesser cost and launch it quickly.

As a business, you need to understand the priorities of your product. With a native app the user gets the advantage of learning to use it quickly as the features and usability are in sync with the device they are already using. It uses the built-in features of the device such as camera, GPS and contacts etc. and is built according to the platform guidelines. The look and feel and usability of a hybrid application are very similar to a website.

The developer of a hybrid application uses a single code base and this ensures that you can quickly develop a cross platform app and test market it.

Hybrid apps are most suitable for developing a minimum viable product with a few features and understand the market response.

Here is an infographic that explains some of the key differences between native and hybrid mobile apps.

native apps vs hybrid apps - infographic
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