Need of the hour: Mobile Friendly Websites

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There’s not a trace of  doubt in the fact that the mobile age has dawned upon us. Today people are stuck to their phones like a moth to a flame. From creating presentations to booking tickets for a movie, mobile is the first go-to option for everyone. It has become almost impossible for businesses to make-do without mobile friendly websites. But the startling fact is that even though usage of mobile web is growing at a rapid rate, still many businesses refrain from making the switch to a website which is compatible with mobiles.

Being mobile-friendly does not just mean that your website should be viewable on mobile devices. Mobile phones have smaller displays and will often distort visuals on regular websites. Pare your mobile friendly website down to just essential features that allow easy navigation with relevant information and content that includes links to secondary information pages. You should also enlarge interface elements for easy touchscreen navigation. You should change Your Standard Website to a Mobile friendly Website, which will resize itself accordingly for optimal viewing in that way you will be able to accommodate mobile and PC users alike.

Here are some reasons on why mobile friendly websites are hot right now and you should invest in them too!

More Users, More Sales

Statistics from all over the world show that mobile usage has increased considerably over traditional desktop and laptop usage. According to recent studies, mobile devices account for all eCommerce website traffic. This means half of the sales of goods online come from smartphones and tablets. More than 80 percent of smartphone users will abandon shopping from a website that is non-mobile friendly. Additionally, consumers will abandon shopping if the site is also too difficult to navigate.

Escape Google Penalty

Google recognizes non mobile friendly websites and is less likely to display such websites on search results. This in turn will directly hamper your business since potential customers won’t be able to find your website and might switch to your competitors.

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Establish a Strong Reputation

The online reputation of a business matters greatly. While marketing campaigns and social media can help boost this reputation, the website also plays a  crucial role in how people perceive the company. Without a mobile friendly design, some visitors may assume that the business isn’t professional enough. Perhaps relevant information may be too difficult to read causing people to leave the site. In any case, a mobile design can strongly influence how well local and global customers view the brand.

Better Conversion Rate

It has been found that mobile queries have a higher chance of conversion rate as compared to queries that come through desktops and laptops.That means you are more likely to earn profits by going mobile-friendly.

Remain Competitive

Even though mobile browsing has now overtaken traditional desktop/ laptop browsing, many websites today are still not optimized. Chances are that a lot of your competitors do not have a mobile friendly website, which gives you an opportunity to get one step ahead of them. By offering your potential customers something different, you can engage them for longer periods and stay competitive in the market.

Since all businesses want to climb up the success ladder, they shouldn’t miss out on any opportunity that can help them in achieving their goals. Making a mobile friendly website is one of them. With so many palpable benefits, you should take no more time in making your website a mobile-friendly one!

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