Not-for-Profit’s Guide for Simple and Affordable Websites

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Lacking resources for maintaining a website? Here is how you can create an affordable website for Your Not-for-Profit.

A lot of organizations who have just started have no resources for creating their website. Today it has become essential to make your presence felt in the web world and so it also is inevitable to own a website. The internet serves as a not-for-Profit shop window. Not only is it the way people find out about the extent of success achieved by the causes they care about, but it is also a way that allows volunteers to find various opportunities. Listed below are few ways that can direct your not-for-Profit organization website’s impact towards better-trusted followership.

1) Ask yourself what you need:

Prioritizing the various requirements of your Not-for-Profit can initially sound like a lengthy process but ends up saving you much time and money on a long run. Asking yourself why you need a website? How will you maintain your website? Would you be able to take steps now to anticipate future needs? How will you integrate your site with existing tools? Etc will project you a couple of years into the future and thereby help you create a website with more staying power.

2) Optimize your existing tools:

Integrating your existing databases, donation processing tools, or membership management software with the tools that you opt to use can save you another set of expenses and time.

3) Own a domain name:

A domain name is that unique string of letters and numbers that identifies a website on the Internet. To save money, registering for five years at a time is helpful. This way you end up spending less than $10 on your domain name annually.

4) Use site redirects:

In case, you have appeared through a free domain like the one offered by WordPress, and then a sudden switch over to separate domain may misguide your website viewers. Therefore, you must use redirect site options, domain management, etc. for every link that is present outside your website.

5) Introduce web-development tools:

If your needs are less complex, then there are a many free or low-cost ways of creating an attractive, dynamic online presence without a lot of web development expertise. Tools like Blogging software, assistance from current web service providers and nonprofit soapbox are few simpler tools that will require constant upkeep but solves your purpose at a lower cost.

It is a fact that nowadays you do not need a big grant to fund a website! We hope these points can direct you towards affordable solutions for planning, creating, and maintaining your Not-for-Profit organization’s online presence to begin with initially.


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