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Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment [Infographic]

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest worries among eCommerce website owners. Many times shoppers find the lack of transparency in the check-out process and hidden or extra costs associated with the product they are buying. As an eCommerce store owner, you must research on the factors that are causing a high rate of shopping cart abandonment. Sometimes the checkout process or the load speed of the page is too slow, causing the visitor to move on to other options. Placing a security badge in the checkout process is also crucial to build trust among customers and also make sure that they are aware that the payment gateway your site is integrated, is secure.

You also need to perform an A/B test on multiple variants of your checkout page. It will help you to understand the elements on your web page that are working well to get you better results.

The more payment options you provide on your checkout page and the easier you make it for your site visitors, the better will it be for your business. Quick and prompt support is another critical aspect of your check-out page. You also need to provide competitive options for your customers to feel comfortable while shopping from your website.

Customer reviews and testimonials on your site also help in building trust among your existing users about your products and services. It would surely assist in reducing the abandonment of your site shopping cart.

Some shoppers are also wary of sharing their personal information with an eCommerce store. You can give an option to your site visitors to share only some of their personal details and not all of them. Here are some interesting facts about eCommerce shopping cart abandonment.

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