Reasons why CRM integration with your website is a killer combination

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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The evolution of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has taken a leap from its early days. It is no more a desktop based sales tool; we have a variety of versions of CRM like Cloud CRM, Social CRM, etc. Any organisation, whether a small or a big one, needs CRM to track, manage and organise its customer’s details, activities and conversations. This helps the marketing and sales department of your company to understand the customers and their needs in a better way.

CRM integration with your website can be described as merging together your website and CRM where they work seamlessly. Integrating CRM with your website means bringing in more valued customer information into your CRM through your website. Let’s have a better understanding of what CRM and website together can do for your business.

Lead Nurturing:
A good CRM system helps you nurture leads and turn them into potential buyers. Once a customer lands on your website, you can capture his details through various channels like exit pop up or subscribe-to-newsletter. According to MarketingSherpa, 79% of leads never convert to sales if left un-nurtured. Lead nurturing generates 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost, says Forrester Research. Sending informative emails to to the leads with solutions to their problems generates interest in them and improves your lead conversion rate.

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You can monitor the results of all your email marketing campaigns. You can measure the number of leads through the website and landing pages, leads conversion rate, etc. You can also analyse which segment of leads converts most based on their lead sources, industries, and many other details.. Apart from sending emails, your sales representatives can call them, fix meetings and further initiate deals with them and this cycle ends with deal closure.

Reduction in Admin time:
Most of the valuable time gets wasted in exporting the data from a website and manually importing into CRM database if the website is not CRM integrated. Once you integrate both of them, it makes your tasks hassle-free. You save time; you save money and above all, you save manpower. It can be a tedious task exporting and importing data from website to your CRM database. Reduction in admin time enables your employees to focus on the leads generated.

Increase in Sales:
Because your data is up to date and accurate, it enables your sales department to interact with the customers quickly. Responding to customer’s query as soon as possible results in better conversion rates.

Instant access to Updated Data:
Integrating your website with CRM enables you to have instant access to updated data. This data is accurate and there are lesser chances of duplicity. Accurate data helps to deal with the customer in the most appropriate way by previous interactions and precise data. Along with accuracy, the data is updated in real time which means you don’t have to wait for updating of databases.

Integrating CRM with your website not just saves you time and money but also increases the efficiency of your organisation. Sales processes become quick, response time to customer’s query is improved, following up leads become easy and efficient and a lot more. Wondering how to integrate CRM with your website? Ping us right now!

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