Smart ways to get your website to generate more Leads, Sales and Revenue

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Your website is the online doorway through which you expect customers to walk in, browse around, engage and then get motivated to buy. Imagine your site as a store in a giant mall in Melbourne where buyers are free to pick and choose. How would you entice them in and then watch them walk out with your merchandize? If you want your site to be a tool that generates sales for your business then you would have to keep improving it and fine tune it like racers fine tune their car engines all the time. Here are some smart ways you can stay ahead and top of the competition.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a must have in order to know visitors behaviors and track their browsing patterns. Analytics will help remove inefficient parts and achieve more conversions.

Live Chat
Live chat is another must have a feature on your site. Visitors have a number of queries when they visit your site and need instant answers. Luckily, it is not too difficult to implement live chat in a desktop or mobile website and engage immediately with potential customers, creating a positive impression in the process.

Be proactive in monitoring visitors
Once a site is launched and live, your task is not over. Monitor it with appropriate tools to know precisely the pages and parts of pages that attract more visitors and motivate them to take action. Remove those parts that just take up space. Let the call to action parts that visitors engage with occupy prime positions and reduce the amount of scrolling they have to do.

Periodic audit is not a luxury; it is indispensable in order to know the rate of conversions your site is achieving. Linking this with extraneous data such as seasons and festivals or new product launches will help you fine tune your strategy. It always pays to have an expert carry out conversion audits and keep modifying your site to be in the forefront on usual days as well as on days such as holidays or festivals when there is more traffic.

Track calls
If yours is not an e-commerce store and you rely on the phone number displayed on your site to motivate visitors to call, then it is worthwhile to track calls, record them and analyze them later. This will help you devise a strategy to have unique landing pages with unique phone numbers and still refine your knowledge of customer phone behaviors, and that products or offers generate maximum responses.

Include testimonials, reviews, and feedbacks on your site
Nothing convinces a prospective buyer as much as a review or feedback from someone who has already bought from your site. Testimonials from clients do go a long way to build trust and engender confidence in the minds of prospective buyers. Recognitions, Awards and certificates add to this trust factor. Take care display only genuine responses.

Other tips

  • Including videos that explain a product or service goes a long way to convince potential buyers.
  • It bears repeating that fonts must be legible considering visitors may be using mobile devices.
  • Test landing pages to ensure these actually draw in visitors and do not result in bounces.

Some of these you can implement by yourself. You might, however, want an expert to spruce up your site and get better-qualified traffic in the process.

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