SmartWebsite Ch02: How to generate sales through your website by Aamir Qutub

Aamir Qutub

Aamir Qutub


Video Transcription:

Hi, This is Aamir Qutub from Enterprise Monkey and today I want to talk about how you can generate sales through your website. And it applies to all businesses out there, whether it’s a family owned dry cleaning business or a sole trader working as a lawyer or a doctor or an accountant or a large multinational manufacturing organization. It doesn’t matter if you have services or products to sell, you can generate leads through website. But the first thing that we need to understand is that website are not marketing brochures. Websites are a wonderful sales channel and the reason that website exists is to acquire new customers and to engage existing ones. Now let me ask you a few questions about your website. You developed a website, paying a lot of money and you put amazing images into it and it’s the most beautiful website out there. But after doing so much of investment is your website, are you reaching the target market. Are your customers even looking at your web site or even able to find your website.

Well I’m not talking about search engine optimization, no pay per click over here. It’s more than that, it’s beyond that. Secondly, if people are coming on your website, are they even staying on your website, is there something on your website that actually attract them and requires them to stay and it cannot be just beautiful design. Well 70-80% of websites have got a decent design these days. They’ve got slideshow images and logos and beautiful slogan and things like we provide high quality professional service and cheesy lines.

So you cannot attract people on the basis of your layout or design or some slogans. You need something more than that. Now, if you are able to attract people to your website how much time they are actually spending with your business, on your website, are you able to engage them with your content, with your services. But they come on your website, stay for sometime and then leave and never come back. And the most important thing, are you even capturing who is visiting your website. I’m not talking about Google analytics over here. I am talking about do you know who exactly visited your website. Well, you might have thousands and thousands of people visiting your website, reaching your website, getting attracted, getting engaged but if you’re not capturing the details, how are you going to convert them into sales and ultimately, are you measuring and again it’s not about Google Analytics or some fancy web analytics thing. Its about actually measuring the outcomes of all these things. How many people are you able to reach from your target market, how many people are you able to attract from those who reached, how many people are actually able to engage and what kind of information are you able to capture because if you can’t measure it, you cannot manage it and if you’re able to successfully do all these things, you have a lead which can be easily converted into sales. In my next videos, I will talk about each and every element separately and we’ll discuss them in detail.

Thank you.

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