Social Media Marketing going the Automatic way

Social Media needs no introduction; it is already an over-hyped talking point. We’re here to talk about Social Media Marketing Automation. What exactly is Social Media Marketing Automation? Well, by the end of this blog you’ll get to know what it is.

Social Media has transformed the marketing world; automation is here to transform the social media world. Undoubtedly, social media is a boon to any business. But with a boon comes a bane, it requires a lot of time to market your business on every social media platform. And to save the world, here is Automation.

You have a family, a circle of friends, a 9-to-5 job and so on. And devoting time to everything is humanly impossible which makes social media marketing frustrating as it is a never ending and time sucking process. So the question arises, how can we be social without being present on social media every time? Well, the answer is AUTOMATION!

Social Media Automation manages social media platforms, schedule posts, monitor conversations and measure your social media performance easily and effectively. It helps you save your time and money by automating the repetitive and error-prone tasks that you do manually. It does not only help you in streamlining your social media activities but also to measure your performance through a single dashboard. It ultimately gives your better ROI and allows you to generate revenue through social media. Let me explain this in detail.

  • You can reach your target audience in real time. Schedule updates on all your social networking platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc.) for the time when your target audience is most likely to see it.
  • You can engage at right Time. Get to know instantaneously what they are saying about your firm and respond in real time.
  • You can get analytics and insights. Get visual reports with graphs about your social media effectiveness. Know about your social media presence, improvement and influence every week/month.
  • You can know your mentions. From a single dashboard you are able to see who’s talking about your brand on which social network. Engage with them in interesting ways.

Wow, isn’t it great? Like, you have an assistant under you to look after social media. And you can spend that saved time with your friends. (Psst! Girlfriend in case you have one)

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