How to successfully research your App idea and make it a winner!

How to successfully research your App idea and make it a winner!

So you have an amazing new idea for an App and are convinced that you are going to change the world and the lives of many. But what do you need to do next, to ensure your idea and app is not already being done, already in the market and/or being executed by someone else. Without trying to sound ultra conservative, we want you to think about a systemised way in which you can carefully research your industry, your competitors and your market so that you can validate your idea and convince yourself that it will work and be one of the first of it’s kind. There can be several things that contribute to the effective research of your app. See below:

Google search – This is the first place you should start and ensure that you search both here in Australia and internationally. Basically, any other apps/businesses that are creating something serious and similar to you will likely appear in a google search if you type in similar search terms to your business. This is a great first step and will open padoras box and lead you off in many directions exploring the nature of the industry you are entering.

Demand – How do you effectively understand whether there will be actual demand for this product? Beyond you and your family or friends, is there actually a large enough market and demand for your product. Find your niche or area where your likely customer exists and go and ask them in a group setting or individually about their thoughts and appetite for your product.

Problem solver or Vitamin – Are you solving a problem, does the problem actually exist? If yes to both then you are heading in the right direction. If you are simply adding value like a vitamin, then this may be more challenging to your model as the pain for the customer is not as high. Find a problem that is painful and check others aren’t already solving it already.

Listen to Aamir and Brandon and walk through a step by step guide for researching your app to ensure you can answer the questions that will arise when an investor asks, have you done your research?

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