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Talk By Our CEO, Aamir Qutub at Emerge Geelong 2017

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Geelong is fast surfacing as the entrepreneurship capital of Australia. Initiatives like Emerge Geelong are helping entrepreneurs to get together, have useful conversations and grow. The event was held on May 24, 2017, at The Pier. It was an ‘unconference’ by ICT Geelong on starting new ventures. It featured 10-minute talks from business leaders and experts to help new as well as existing entrepreneurs. Shorter talks are usually more engaging as they give you a full range of tips, quickly.  

Our CEO, Aamir Qutub was one of the eminent speakers at Emerge Geelong. His session was packed with some exceptional energy and expert advice for budding and experienced entrepreneurs. He started off on a lighter note as always, motivating the audience and getting them interested in what was to follow. He even made them do a yoga pose, and that was a cherry on the cake to the incredible start.  

He talked extensively about smarter website development and the key challenges that most businesses face while getting their website developed. He spoke about how companies spend thousands of dollars to develop a beautiful website that fails to generate any sales for the business.

He also talked about some of the key challenges of onshoring and offshoring of website and app development projects and how one can overcome them by hiring smarter development partners, the ones who are there for genuine help and knowledge sharing.

The talk was short and very enlightening for all types of business owners. We are posting the complete video here, and we are sure, it will be of great help for you.

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