Tips For Success of Your Small Business Website in 2016

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A website does open up more possibilities of gaining more customers from a wider geographic area. A small business owner with local operations might erroneously assume that he does not need a website. He does. Given the intense competition today a business owner, whether small or large, needs to get as many customers from as many sources as possible and the website is the business tool that helps you accomplish this goal. If you are a small business owner, you could get more customers with a website but keep in mind these tips that will make your small business website effective.

Dynamic, not static website

  • Even if it costs more, employ a website developer to come up with an interactive dynamic website, preferably mobile friendly, where visitors can leave feedbacks.
  • If you give your site eCommerce features (if your products or services are relevant), it will be much better.
  • Get pages designed that encourage visitors to register and receive email newsletters.
  • Offer value for those who opt to register and receive email, such as special discounts. This builds trust and credibility.


  • You might assume a bare minimum of contents and some photos are sufficient. They are not.
  • Your site must contain a page that describes you and your business in the about us page.
  • Then you will have product pages that must carry detailed descriptions of each with a call to action. Include articles that cover product description and application areas, how-to’s and relevant information that will educate and inform visitors.
  • Also include testimonials and case studies of various application areas and how customers have benefited.
  • You might also list a page showing specific advantages of your products and services in comparison to others.
  • Then, of course, your website must have a contact page showing address, email address, phone and fax. Including phone numbers at the top of each page is a good idea.

Once your website is up and running go a step further to generate more traffic:


  • It might be an expense but consider it as an investment. SEO by an expert will help you get the quality traffic you can convert.
  • Blog: set up your own free blog—a great way to show you are an expert in your area of specialization.
  • Social media: do this when you are free or engage an expert to set up an account for you.
  • Get your developer to modify your site and set up buttons to link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and thus, interact better with you.
  • Try to join affiliate programs and rope in affiliates that will get you more traffic and increased revenue. Let websites of others also work for you.
  • Join Amazon or similar sites’ marketplace—you will be surprised at the number of orders you receive.

You will find that a website, over time, transforms the way you do business and your approach to business as well. You will think big and become big.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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