Tips to Automate your Sales and Marketing Processes

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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The need for every Small to Medium Enterprise is to grow itself by being productive and profitable. But the problem with most of the SMEs nowadays is that they spend a significant fraction of their time on the execution of their work using the old school practices. They operate manually and end up wasting their precious time which could be utilized for Strategy and Planning.

Evolution and innovation are the need of every business. The managers who follow the hands-on approach in their processes should immediately change their approach. Whether you own a small business or a medium one, time is the most valuable asset for everyone. Automation is the solution to this problem.

The only businesses who survive or grow are those who always look for the sustainable way to evolve themselves. They always look for the approaches that would help in the transition of their processes from traditional to smart. If you are among those 3.2% smart managers or high-level executives who always look for sustainable way to go smart, Automation is something that should immediately be implemented in your organisation.

To save your time and money and to get more productive, there are several processes in every department of your business that you can automate. Here are few ways you can automate your sales and marketing processes to be a fast growing business.

Marketing Automation


A blog is something that should be updated regularly  on the website. If you use WordPress, you do not have to spend your daily time for publishing blogs on WordPress. You can use the schedule feature to schedule your posts for weeks or even months.

Social Media Automation

You do not have to publish your posts daily on the social networks. There are many apps, Hootsuite for an example, which can be used to schedule your posts on all social media platforms for weeks and months. All you have to do is plan your posts in advance on a Google sheet. Upload the sheet and it’s done.  Simple as that.

Email Marketing Automation

You can also automate your email marketing and save your time to spend on other things. What you have to do is to create an email marketing plan (say for one month). Write emails and create the images. After that, you can schedule all emails to the relevant recipients by creating their lists using the tools like Mailchimp or Zoho campaigns.

Analytics Automation

You do not have to fetch your analytics report from Google Analytics every time. You can create automation on the types of reports you need from Google Analytics, and you will get them every week or month as per your desired date. Also, you can create automation for Social Media and Email marketing reports.

Sales Automation

Pitching Automation

You do not have to pitch every lead you’ve generated through LinkedIn or other source. You can create pitching templates varying from services and industries by creating categories in your CRM. After creating email templates, save them into your company’s CRM. After implementing automation, you can pitch the lead by sending that saved template with a single click.

Follow-up Automation

Following up on the leads and potentials in the sales process is a time taking and critical task. Sometimes, you end up missing an excellent opportunity just by forgetting a sales follow- up. You do not have to do follow-ups with your prospects every time manually. Using a CRM like Zoho or Salesforce, you can automate your sales follow-ups as well.

After Sales Automation

Once a project is complete, you need to draft a mail every time to your client asking them for feedback or fill up a feedback questionnaire. You can send ‘post achievement’ email to your client with a single click using automation feature of your CRM. Similarly, you can ask for the testimonials and provide an excellent after sales support by leveraging automation.

Reports and Analytics Automation

As a manager or a senior level executive you need to verify the performance and achievements of your sales team. How many calls they made, how many leads were generated, what was the call- to- lead ratio and ultimately how many sales were generated from each industry. Using your CRM you can automate all the sales reports you need, and they will land to your inbox every day/every week/every month as per your requirement.

These are the first level automations that you can do in your sales and marketing processes. You can go to the next stage once you achieve the first phase. Apart from automation, in your sales and marketing, you can do automation in other departments as well, like HR and accounts.

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