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Top Grossing Apps Of All Time [Infographic]

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In today’s scenario, apps play a prominent role in our day to day life. Apps are required for silly games, monitoring heart rate, organising to-do-list, even for spying on spouses.

There are apps also available for dating, matrimonials, connecting with your loved ones through social media, messaging apps, etc.

Smartphones & tablets are sold three times more than desktop computers as they are handy to carry, portable & smaller in size. Many people have taken their first experience of the web on a smartphone instead of a computer.

Nowadays,  one should seriously need to think about developing mobile application before starting a business.

You can also create a strategy to make it go viral and popular among a large user group.

You also need to optimise the user experience across the board without developing separate apps for different operating systems.

You must understand the user persona and their requirements to be able to develop a suitable app for them.

Based on your target audience, you can also decide the platform for developing your mobile application.

One must have a proper marketing plan, as that is as important as the product itself.

The ranking of an application in the app store is based on the number of installs it is getting.

You need to create an application that adds value to the users by helping them simplify a task or entertain them.

Combine viral mechanisms into the core functionality of the apps to make the app better & more engaging when users invite friends to use it.

You can use mobile app analytics tools to analyse your in-app activity and the number to installs it is getting to measure success. Here is an inspiring infographic that shows the top grossing apps of all time:

Top Grossing AppsConclusion

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