Turn your Website into Lead-Generating Machine

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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You have invested a tremendous amount of money in a fancy website. But are you getting enough of qualified leads through the site? Many small businesses struggle to get leads through their websites even after investing a lot on their website. Reason being, their website is not as compelling as it should be.

Every website has a conversion rate. Some companies have higher conversion rate while some have low. It all depends on how your website affects them. Let’s have a look how we can generate leads with an impressive website.


Content is something that defines your website. You can not just put images or videos on your website and expect visitors to stay there and become a lead. Content is what defines your company. Descriptive, interesting and informative. Focus on these three things when writing content for your website. It should be so impressive that by the end a visitor should be in a state of mind to take a decision. Content has the power to urge your visitor become a qualified lead.


The concept of the content revolves around keywords. Keywords play a vital role in defining your position in the search engines. Plan your keywords first, content later and that will determine your design of the website.


Like a book has its cover page; your homepage is your website’s cover page. It gives a clear picture to the visitor what your company is all about.  Which means, it has to be bold, creative and attention grabbing. A visitor should be curious to explore your website, and your homepage can only define that. The homepage is what takes a visitor in or drives him away. Check out our homepage for reference. As your homepage is a gateway to your website, it should shout out loud about your services and achievements.

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Content is of utmost importance in a website, we have discussed this thing above. We all must have seen hundreds of websites where people have put unnecessary content just for the sake of putting up content. That’s an erroneous way. The design of the website should be clean and tidy which gives a sense of space. Cluttered and messy websites just drive away your visitor. Organized content with high-quality pictures makes your website stand out of the crowd. Make sure you do not merge two different topics in a single section. Talk about one topic at a time. Keep updating the design from time to time. Your website should not look aged as it will sharply affect your lead generation.

Number of Pages:

Have too many pages in your website is of no help if they are not useful. It just adds confusion while navigating through your website. Have limited number of pages which are relevant to your services and company. You can put content on a single page in an organized manner which you may have planned to put in 10 pages. Unnecessarily including pages in your website is plain stupidity.

Connect with the visitor:

Connecting with your visitors is what helps your increase your lead generation rates. You simply can not leave a visitor unattended. Write blogs, integrate social media into your website and add forms to collect their information. Blogging is an economical way to create an instant connection with your target audience. Impart useful information in your blogs and at the same time mention your services smartly. This is an excellent way to stay connected with your audience and at the same time market your company.


Avoid the cookie-clutter. Invest in an affordable website which has the page’s purpose clearly in front of the visitor leading to lead generation.


Including a page where all your testimonials are written is an excellent way to lay the foundation of trust and increase your credibility in the eyes of your visitor. Take a step further and add photos of your existing clients who have written testimonials for you.
Last but not the least, test run your website regularly to make sure the performance is smooth, and the user experience is great. If a visitor is happy after going through your website, he’ll surely return to you. You may have a great website, but what if I tell you can have a smartwebsite?

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