Web development trends that are going to dominate in 2016-17

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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Websites have now become an important part of any business. It is a great channel for all major Sales and Marketing activities. No matter which industry you belong to, independent of the company size, web development has got a great importance.

As we are stepping into 2016, let’s examine some of the most popular trends from the present time and coming future.

Trend 1: Mobile Friendly Design

Being Mobile Friendly is the future of a website, not only for Australian firms but all over the world. According to the recent researches, smartphone user penetration rate in Australia has almost doubled in last four year, it was 40% in 2011 and has raised up to 78% in 2015.

The popular trend of developing a Mobile friendly design will continue in 2016 due to day by day  increase in number of Smartphone users and Google’s Mobile friendly website Update.

Being Mobile friendly not only gives a better user experience or extends your reach to all smartphone users but it also helps you in increasing your website’s ranking in Google search.

Trend 2: Uniformity in UI pattern

Due to the rising wave of mobile-friendly websites you may have realised the similarity in the UI design of websites. Solely, Mobile Friendly design isn’t responsible, but the rise of WordPress sites and the excessive use of similar themes is the result of this uniformity.

This continuous rise of the similar type of websites will make it easy for the designers to do   innovations with websites. They can make their website amazing just by following the following fundamental and standardised concepts of UI.

Trend 3: Flat design will stay

Flat is the latest website design trend that has been very popular due to its compatibility with minimalism, responsive web design and Material Design.

More are the chances that we will see new trends in Flat design itself. We may see further trends with color themes, buttons and typography.

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