Tips to improve lead generation from contact forms

Tips to Improve Lead Generation from Website Contact Forms [Infographic]

Aamir Qutub

Aamir Qutub

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When it comes to lead generation, we often underestimate the importance of an optimised contact form. If you fail to tempt the user into clicking the contact button, then this means you have been unable to hold on to a potential customer.

When it comes to designing a website, every part should be given due attention, because even a simple contact us form can attract or scare off your potential customers. Creating a user-friendly contact form is very crucial to draw the attention of your target audience and capture their details.

For many websites, contact us pages get more views than their other sections. Contact us forms are feedback from the consumer, a signal that they are convinced with your website or they are interested in the service you provide and are ready to be contacted further.

For some visitors, full-fledged web forms may seem like a pain to fill; it is therefore even more essential to develop the right contact forms with radio buttons or drop-down fields to minimise any friction the visitors might face. From starting a business to designing a website, all is done keeping the customers in mind; contact forms too should be created by keeping the ease of users in mind.

In this infographic, we provide you with some simple tips and recommendations that you can use to redefine the UX through the contact forms on your site.


8 tips to improve lead generation from website contact forms [infographic]


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