website visitor psychology

Website Visitor Psychology [Infographic]

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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If you are able to get users onto your website but they leave without taking any action, then your efforts are a waste. We often design and develop beautiful websites with lots of content but sometimes we fail to hit the bull’s eye simply because we do not know our target group effectively. While developing your business website you must have a user persona in mind. Create an individual character sketch to represent your target group. Capture the user demographics such as age, location and preferences.

This will help you visualise an imaginary person whom you are targeting with your website. Ask yourself questions like:

-Will the content of my website be of use to this person?

-Would this person be comfortable with the way products and services are displayed on the website?

Most website visitors prefer simplicity in the site usage. This is because when they visit a website they do not wish to spend too much time or effort in finding products, services or information.

A professional website with precise communication always leaves a user with a positive impression of the site.

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A faster-loading website is definitely something that all the users prefer and you must ensure that the load speed of your website is optimised at all times. Make sure the website functionalities like live chat integration, call-to-action buttons and contact forms, all are in order for a user-friendly experience all across. Any bottlenecks in the usability of the website will drive your users away from it.

One of the other reasons that prevent your website visitors for taking any action on it is its trustworthiness. You need to add customer testimonials and reviews on your site to build trust among your site visitors. Adding a privacy policy to your website is also essential for your users to trust your site while sharing their personal information.

A website that is easy to navigate and that shows the visitor, what action to take and at what stage, it will always be able to provide a pleasant experience to its users.

Here is an interesting infographic that showcases some of the interesting aspects of the psychology of your website visitors:

website visitor psychology infographic

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