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What Makes a Good Website Homepage?

    1. Professional web designing and development companies ensure that the home page is great because the first impression is what counts the most. A website homepage is good when it has some essential elements:
    2. The first part of a good site is that it should answer the questions like
      What is your business?
      What are some of the key products andi services?
      Who are these services helpful to?
    3. You might want to add a related image so that you can create trust between you and your customers.Therefore, it is important to keep the headline simple and easy to understand, so that the client gets to know it at first sight.
    4. Is your homepage designed appealing enough to resonate with the targeted audience? Content is the mother of a lead generation which will compel the audience to click the CTA button. Therefore the content used should be relevant and creative.

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    1. Is your homepage doing the task of urging your targeted audience to dig deep inside? It is necessary for you to have the clear CTA(call to action) for e.g., “buy now” “Request a demo” which ensures you tell the audience what to do next.These buttons should be highlighted with different colours so that the clients do not get lost and run out of the idea of doing something next.
    2. Smartphones have become an essential device for communication these days. And it is expected to grow even more, as smartphones are going to get cheaper. Furthermore, mobile phones are gaining more importance and so is the website traffic from a mobile device. Hence you are required to have responsive mobile website designs so that you may reach multiple devices and be compatible and appealing to engage with more and more customers.
    3. A static homepage is a one which may not require change or does not change on its own. However, the dynamic is opposite of the same. A static website may be used for the information delivery purposes. The website where only simple information is required to be given. However it’s not the same for a business website, it has to change according to the needs of users. The best website homepage should be dynamic which may change with fashion, likes, dislikes, trends, and rules of the govt. Similarly, A/B testing is a method that helps you test the engagement on the site on a regular basis and make changes accordingly.
  1. Customers might come but may not turn into leads. As the customers might hesitate or may not have the full knowledge of it. Therefore, a homepage must provide a resource section, where customers can read about your work, products, etc. It is also a good idea to present achievements and awards on the website. A testimonial is a great way to win the trust of the customers which will, later on, convert the visitor into a lead.
  2. It must have social media integration. Social media is omnipresent nowadays and getting the users to log in from their social accounts can tremendously add to their convenience.
  3. Security is one critical feature if you are going to give facility for transacting on your website. You may require an SSL certificate to encrypt the data being exchanged. It would help your customers to be fear free from the risk of getting attacked by hackers.
  4. A very crucial piece of information of a business is a contact detail. That is why it is important that website has a different section for it. Its navigation should be accessible so that customers can contact you easily.
  5. Another feature to include on your a site home page would be using FAQ(frequently asked questions) which helps customers to remove their doubts about the business and its service.
  6. You need to make sure that the homepage design content is consistent with the brand guidelines. The lesser the clutter, the easier it is for the users to understand.
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