Why every Smarter Website needs a #newsroom?

Aamir Qutub

Aamir Qutub

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Running your business website without a #newsroom? You are missing out a lot on PR and Media opportunities.

What is Newsroom?

Newsroom is a dedicated page/section on your website that allows you to provide comprehensive information about your business to the media personnel. The newsroom is designed in a way that media can access the information easily and quickly.

What is the purpose of a newsroom?

Journalists have tight deadlines and are searching for most relevant information to write a story. If they are interested in covering a story on your company, they need specific information to write that story. The purpose of a newsroom is to enable journalists to access all the important bits of information about your company.

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What are the ingredients of a good newsroom?

A good newsroom should include:

  • A summary of Company’s core activities and target market
  • Latest news
  • High-resolution photos of company and executives
  • Executive Bios
  • RSS feeds
  • Opt-in email
  • Corporate backgrounders
  • Previous media coverages

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