Why we love Website Optimisation (And you should too!)

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan

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Optimisation is a term people mould according to their perspective. In the case of Website Optimisation, it’s the same. Some people view marketing optimisation as a strategy to rank higher in the search engines. While others think it is driving more traffic to your website. But in reality, marketing optimisation is of no use if the traffic on your website is not contributing to the growth of your firm. You can get a million hits on your site but not even a single dollar in your account.

Website Optimisation can be defined by summing up the above statements – it ranks you on top of the search engines and it also drives traffic on your website. It magnifies your efforts, i.e. doubles up the sales and halves the time. It is increasing your conversions, getting the right traffic, getting more clients and reducing the time consumption. It all depends on how well-planned your website is, more your website is optimised more are your revenues. An optimised website is linked to marketing optimisation. Let’s have a look at how we can effectively use marketing optimisation to increase our revenue.

Powerful Seo Architecture
An organised SEO structure makes it easy for a user to navigate through the website. A well-planned SEO architecture makes a website rank on top and beats half of other websites in the rankings. Writing excellent content is another attribute of a great website. As per the surveys, the longer the content, the better it is. But lengthy content doesn’t mean you should start telling a story. Content should be descriptive and not boring.
Correct and apt use of keywords is what makes a website rank among others in the search engines. Search engines look for relevant content when a user is seeking information, so make sure your content is up to the mark.

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Platform Flexible
Another important factor about your website is the speed. Everyone is short of time nowadays and if our site is slow and sluggish, the chances are high that the user will get annoyed and withdraw from your website. To keep the user engaged, the website should be fast to load not only on the desktop but also on mobile and tablets. Your site should deliver great user experience on mobile as 17% of web traffic is from mobiles alone. So, having a responsive website is a must. Google too recommends responsive websites because the URL remains the same for both desktop and mobiles and redirection to a mobile-friendly site does not happen which saves time. Keep your website updated and regularly speed test it to make sure it is working smoothly.

Need for Speed
If your website is slow to load, 57% of the users will abandon it within 3 seconds. Out of which, 80% won’t return to your website. And half of this 80% will give negative feedback to others. This will not only decrease your ranking in search engines but also negatively impact your revenue. Also, keep the number of plug-ins minimum. Using a lot of plugins can bog down your website.

Choose Keywords Carefully
Keywords in URL matters a lot. An optimised URL is much more efficient as compared to a non-optimised one. For example, a lengthy URL (https://enterprisemonkey.com.au/djksagui7658fgh) will nowhere rank on the search engine. But an optimised URL (https://enterprisemonkey.com.au/about-us/) will rank at the top. Using appropriate keywords not just in content but also in the URLs is an effective way to keep your website in top ranks.

Interlink Pages
Interlinking different pages of your website is another important factor. Linking relevant content makes it easy to navigate from one section to another. It saves user’s time and improves the efficiency of your website.

Following the proper strategy can work wonders for your firm. You can also check out our smartwebsite or connect with us here.

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